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It's all about Waxing

This month is all about Waxing in Be Beautiful.

We are very proud to use, what we believe is the best Wax on the market and for that reason we thought we would share this interview from the founders of Waxperts and Waxing Specialists Ellen Kavanagh and Trish O’Brien who discuss all things Waxperts and waxing.

If you have a burning question about waxing, it just might be answered here by the Queens of Waxing.


What are the essential do’s and don’ts if someone has never been for a bikini wax before?

Research who you are going to. Do they use a premium waxing brand? Do they have a no double dipping policy? This is very important for hygiene. Are they trained in the treatment you want to get done i.e intimate waxing. Do they use Hot wax for all bikini waxes? Never get strip on the face, underarm or bikini it’s way too harsh for the delicate skin on those areas. A hot wax or peelable wax with a pre-wax oil is what you need to be asking for.

Are there any products you shouldn’t use before/after a wax e.g. oil/moisturiser?

Before getting a wax don’t use any body lotion or oils. Afterwards you are restricted with what you can do and apply for 12-24hours. For example no fake tan, no hot showers, no exercise. If you’re unsure of anything ask your therapist before you leave your appointment as the last thing you want it to have an adverse reaction.

How long does hair have to be for a wax to be effective?

We say as long as a grain of rice! If you’ve been shaving try and leave it as long as you can, 3 weeks would be ideal. If you’re a regular waxer every 4-6 weeks is perfect for repeat appointments.

On the other hand, should you trim your hair before a bikini wax – if so, to what length?

No. Don’t bother trimming before you get waxed. More often than not, you will trim it too short. If the hair is very long, that’s not a problem, your waxing therapist can trim it.

Are there any ways to make it hurt less – some people say they take painkillers before going?

And I was told it’s better to breathe out as the wax is removed? Believe it or not painkillers can make it worse as if there's caffeine in them it will make your skin more sensitive. The same goes for your cup of coffee so skip it before you get waxed. Anticipation is really what can make it seem more painful so try and relax. Going to a therapist that use a quality waxing range and has specific training for intimate waxing is a good guide to getting as pain-free a treatment as possible. Can you go for a bikini wax if you’re on your period or is that a major no-no? You can, just wear a tampon. You may be a little bit more sensitive but you can still get waxed.

What’s the difference between regular, Brazilian and Hollywood waxes?

A regular bikini wax is basically a tidy up and you’d keep your underwear on. For intimate waxes like Brazilian and Hollywood you will need to take your underwear off as they both remove most of the pubic hair including the bum. A Brazilian wax leaves a strip on hair in the front and a Hollywood leaves no hair at all.

How do you prevent in-grown hairs, and what’s the best thing to do when you get them?

Ingrown hairs occur when the hair can’t get out of the skin properly. This could be from dead skin cells on the skin blocking it or wearing tight underwear or clothing where the pressure prevents the weak hair breaking through the skin. The best way to treat and prevent them is with gentle exfoliation. Salicylic acid is the most effective ingredient as it chemically exfoliates with causing any friction or breaking the weaker hairs growing back and also has anti-inflammatory qualities.

Why would you choose waxing over other methods of hair removal?

Waxing is quick, relatively pain free when done correctly, long-lasting and affordable. Nearly all salons offer waxing and thousands of UK salons offer a Waxperts Wax so you are never too far from being able to get a quality treatment. With regular waxing the hair will become finer and you don’t get a stubbly regrowth.

How long will my waxing appointment take? What should I wear? How can I best prepare beforehand?

It completely depends on the treatment you’re getting. It usually only takes around 15 minutes for facial waxing, 30-45 minutes for a full Brazilian wax, and about an hour for a full leg wax. Go to your appointment wearing loose comfortable clothes and loose knickers if you’re getting a bikini wax. You want to keep the waxed area cool and without friction afterwards. How can you make the experience as pain-free as possible? Get waxed regularly every 4-6 weeks. The more you go, the finer the hairs will become and the less pain you will experience. Don’t have any caffeine or take any painkillers. Go to someone experienced who knows what they're doing. Don’t trim or shave in between waxes.

What kind of wax should you look for? Have there been any developments in waxing products or tech lately?

For face, underarm and bikini waxes you need to make sure you are getting a hot (peel off) wax and a pre-wax oil is used. Don’t feel afraid to ask this when you are booking as it will really help to protect your skin and remove the hair as painlessly as possible. Another big thing to ask before booking is if they double dip. A salon that does not double dip will be giving a safer, more hygienic wax as they are not re-dipping the spatula during the treatment. Reusing the same spatula again and again during a wax and double-dipping spreads germs and is highly unhygienic, especially if the wax has been used all day on other clients.

What's the difference between professional and at home wax? What's the best option if you'd like to wax at home, and what are your tips for getting a good result?

To be honest I’d just say to avoid it. Especially for delicate areas like the face or bikini. Waxing is a skill that needs to be taught to be done effectively and you could end up doing more damage than it’s worth. With legs, you could possibly get a decent result with at home strips and it would be a better option than shaving but without proper training, it is often a messy and time-consuming process.

Can you still get a wax if you have sensitive skin? Any advice for those with delicate skin?

You absolutely can. There are special waxes for those with sensitive skin, be sure that you are clear on the aftercare and let your therapist know of any concerns you may have so they can give you the best advice.

What's the best plan for aftercare? What would be your 'dos and don'ts’?

It’s best to avoid exercise, swim, sauna and sun exposure for 24 hours afterwards. If you’re getting lip or eyebrows done avoid applying makeup on afterwards or touching your face as your pores are open and it’s very easy to break out.

How can you avoid rashes and other wax disasters?

Stick to the advice your therapist gives you and use the correct after care products. Waxing is a high-risk treatment so it’s definitely buyer beware! Do your research, find a salon with great reviews, chat to the salon before booking in and don’t be afraid to ask them lots of questions. If they are a good salon that has proper training and hygiene they won’t be afraid to boast about it! Word of mouth is still a great referral for a wax so ask your girlfriends if they have a great waxing therapist.

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