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Fancy a some relaxation?

Do you need some TLC? Is your skin tired and delicate from the Autumn air? Awaken your senses to the delicate fragrance of Autumnal essence and delve into our Autumn Relax Package.

You can tackle the change in weather and it’s effect on your skin with our soothing and restoring 60 minute facial including a Scalp Massage and Retail Voucher.

Our Autumn Essentials Facial includes scalp massage and is now only £35 (was £64). However, the best is yet to come, you can add a 30 minute Back Massage for only £15!

Our Autumn Relax Package is a specifically curated offering designed to provide you with a rejuvenating and calming experience during the Autumn season. Tailored to capture the essence of Autumn and its serene ambiance, the a package includes a comforting scalp massage to promote relaxation and well-being whilst treating skin concerns via the bespoke 60 minute facial.

You can book your treatment here.

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