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Does Gel Polish damage your nails?

There is a always a lot of misunderstanding with clients about whether or not gel polish damages your nails.

Let’s discuss this topic further and find out if it does.

Firstly this blog post is solely intended to discuss gel nails with the use of soft gel (i.e gel that you can soak off the nail ), which to be honest is the most popular gel in 2020 anyway (hopefully!) Hard gel is just that- hard and must be 100% filled off the nail to be removed.

Consider how many people wear gel nails,everyone wants them! So it’s true that some people after having gel nails applied can have damaged nails, but, this does not mean that everyone who wears gel polish will have damaged nails so why?

There is really only 3 ways that gel nails will damage your nails:

  1. Harsh Nail preparation– smoothing out the natural nail prior to your gel application is necessary, however over filling the natural nail will cause unnecessary damage. If your preparation filling is sore and causes pain-chances are your nails are being damaged.

  2. Picking– Picking or forcing gel off will absolutely cause some damage to your nails. Seeing those while lines after you have pulled off the product will tell you how much damage you have done.Please don’t pick! (we know if you do)

  3. Too long between appointments– Typically a gel polish should last 2-3 weeks before it should infilled or soaked off. Having gels on weeks between visits with no maintenance can cause some trauma to the nail and increases the risk of a nail infection especially if their is some lifting. So don’t let gel ‘hang’ on your nails 6 weeks- it’s nothing to be proud off!

So as long as you your nail tech works safely ,you follow your aftercare (nails are not tools) and your nails are removed correctly then your nails will remain perfectly healthy.

Plus if you are wondering do your nails need to ‘breathe’ or have a break between nail appointments then click here as we discuss this topic also.

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