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What are the Benefits of Waxperts Wax?

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

At Be Beautiful, we are obsessed with Waxperts Wax but why?

Here are three main reasons, Waxperts Wax is our favourite.

  • LESS PAIN– Waxperts Wax was formulated for sensitive skin types to achieve a smooth, pain-free wax with little redness after the treatment.

  • LESS REDNESS– The wax has a lower melting point of 62 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for sensitive skins as it is gentle on the skin and has less risk of burns or heat sensitivity and is also great for even the strongest hair type.

  • LESS DISCOMFORT– Waxperts use lavender which is a natural antiseptic and anti inflammatory ingredient so wave good bye to that irritated, red, bumpy skin after waxing so you can continue with your day with out the usual tell tales signs after waxing.

And when it comes to Bikini waxing….You will walk out feeling on air instead of crossing your legs- we promise it!

You haven’t been waxed until you try Waxperts Wax!

New Client Promo: Mention the code “firstwax” to receive 20% off your first Bikini/Underarm Wax with us!

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