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A Day in the Life of a Beauty Therapist - Rachel

Have you ever wondered what a typical day looks like for a Beauty Therapist? What do we do besides treatments? Well, we thought we would like you in on the secret.

"A typical day in the life for me is starting my day with a big cuddle with my dogs" - for anyone who doesn't know Rachel, her dogs are her world " and a cuppa".

"I then go to work."

Inside Be Beautiful, our day normally starts by opening up the salon and making sure each room and nail station is set up for our clients. From turning on wax pots, to wiping down surfaces. It is then onto a day of client treatments.

Rachel covers treatments including gel polish, waxing, individual lash extensions, hopi ear candling & pedicures - just to name a few!

At the end of the working day it's about tidying up and closing up for the evening. This includes giving the salon a deep clean - we always pride ourselves on the cleanliness of the salon.

"When I come home I usually go for a walk with the tunes blasting as I love nothing more than animals and music! I like to make time everyday to be outdoors, clear the head and keep myself grounded."

"My evening routine is always ended with a nice skin care routine, I think anybody would agree there is something about getting your bra and makeup off at the end of the day." - We couldn't agree more!

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