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Sponge Animals by Spongelle: Duck

Sponge Animals by Spongelle: Duck

Spongelle's Sponge Animals - Body Wash Infused Sponges have a built-in body wash that will transform your kid's shower or bath time experience forever! Add one youngster

Our technology provides a and let the shower/bath time begin. For ages 3 and up.

Multi-Use Washes | 2.5oz | 70g

Spongelle Spongelle - Body Buffer Benefits:

- Paraben FREE

- Body Wash Infused Buffer

- Multi-function and Multi-purpose

- Dermatologist Tested

- Hypoallergenic

- Cleanses, Exfoliates, Hydrates, Massages

- Time released lather

Turn on the Water and a Spongelle bodywash infused buffer becomes the last word in pampering, Rich, one-of-a-kind fragrance and swirls of thick suds envelope you from head to toe. Your skin is left feeling Fresh, Soft and Healthy and the experience is intensely pleasurable!!

Infused with exotic extracts, rich moisturizers and gentle cleansers our body buffers will keep skin youthful and glowing use after use. Gorgeous fragrance blends and forms a creamy lather making Spongelle the most luurious bathing indulgence your body and mind. is a UK Authorised Stockist

Spongelle Animal Sponges are also available in other shapes: Dog, Duck, Buttterfly & Fish

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