Did you know we are Waxing Experts?

Waxperts… What does that mean?
Well for so long people have accepted that waxing is extremely painful, their skin will be red (even for days), and their is no way i would ever have a bikini wax let alone a Brazilian…!

This couldn’t be far from the truth and at Be Beautiful everything above is the compete opposite and here is why:

  • Our staff are all trained in the Waxperts academy where they are skilled on the most pain-free hair removal techniques.
  • We use the Number 1 waxing products in the industry. A non invasive peel off wax on all facial, underarm and bikini areas.It contains lavender & other anti-inflammatory properties to ensure the waxing procedure is as painless as possible, also reducing the skin redness post treatment. Its designed for even the most sensitive skin types.
  • We prepare, prime and complete with an lavender based oil which ensures the wax sticks only to the hair, and not to the skin. The focus is to minimize skin irritation to virtually none.
  • We use Waxperts adhesive strip wax for larger areas such as legs,back and arms. This wax is designed to be applied super thin so that it reduces the “pull” effect of traditional waxing in larger areas.

We are so confident that you will love this new super professional waxing service, that you will never go back to traditional waxing, hair removal creams

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