What i stand for in Business

Victoria (salon Owner)

Hey Guys, I'm Victoria, owner of Be Beautiful. I guess I’m just like the rest of you guys. I like to know who’s behind a business. What they stand for and what they value.I want to know where I’m spending my...

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Find out how Waxing has changed

Do you want to HIDE when you hear the word Bikini Wax?  (Ouch)

We know that 99% of you guys have had a horrible waxing experience in the past and it has made you say ‘I will NEVER Wax Again!!!’ ⠀ But did you know waxing doesn't have to be that way? Things have...
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Fat Burning Body Wrap

As quick as can be the festivities are over and many of us are back to the grind as usual.

This months offer is a great one to kick start your 2019. Our Thermo Active  body wrap is a great way to lose your Christmas bloat especially if your clothes are feeling a little tighter than usual. Read more