15% Off All Massage

Are you feeling tired, sore or tense ? Or maybe you simply need to take time out for yourself... Did you also know we have a beautiful relaxing therapy room in our salon? It's hidden neatly at the back of our salon so that it's is quiet and reserved for relaxation treatments. At Be Beautiful all our staff have...
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Results after 1 month

Last month we introduced our latest results driven treatment- Footlogix Medi Foot peel.  If you missed  our blog post on this then click here to read more. To see the amazing results possible with this treatment i arranged a case study with a client who has suffered hard and cracked skin for years and found nothing...
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Do you have dry or cracked skin on your feet?

Are you suffering from uncomfortable calluses, dry or cracked heels?  If so, you really need to know about Footlogix, our brand new medi peel now available at Be Beautiful Poyntzass. Twice yearly most people visit their dentist to ensure that there is nothing wrong with their teeth. Most people also visit the eye doctor at least once...
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