Fat Burning Body Wrap

As quick as can be the festivities are over and many of us are back to the grind as usual.

This months offer is a great one to kick start your 2019. Our Thermo Active  body wrap is a great way to lose your Christmas bloat especially if your clothes are feeling a little tighter than usual. Read more

7 Common Bikini Questions Answered

7 Common Bikini Waxing Questions ..."You’ve been afraid to ask" 

  So we're guessing you are most likely someone who has never had a bikini wax and would really like to try it ... or you've had one before and had a terrible experience. No matter which category you fall...
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Autumn Renew Package

There is no better time than Autumn to step into our 'Relax Room' with cosy heated beds ready to enjoy some relaxation plus.... enjoy huge savings by booking this all in one package. To begin... We will start with your personalised Back Tension Massage. Our aim is to reduce stress and tension and leave you feeling...
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