The Solution for Dry or Cracked Heels

Are you suffering from Dry or Cracked heels? 

Twice yearly most people visit their dentist to ensure that there is nothing wrong with their teeth. Most people also visit the Opticians at least once a year for an eye test - again just to ensure that things are going well. Unfortunately, the part of the body...
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10 Reason to Love our Spray Tan

Spray Tan has been around for about 20 years or their about and just like most things it has moved with the times. For some people they have has a "friends like experience" in the past and turned out a little orange or they found it impossible to scrub...

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What i stand for in Business

Victoria (salon Owner)

Hey Guys, I'm Victoria, owner of Be Beautiful. I guess I’m just like the rest of you guys. I like to know who’s behind a business. What they stand for and what they value.I want to know where I’m spending my...

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Why Waxing has changed

Do you want to HIDE when you hear the word Bikini Wax?  (Ouch)

We know that 99% of you guys have had a horrible waxing experience in the past and it has made you say ‘I will NEVER Wax Again!!!’ ⠀ But did you know waxing doesn't have to be that way? Things have...
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