The Solution for Dry or Cracked Heels

Are you suffering from Dry or Cracked heels? 

Twice yearly most people visit their dentist to ensure that there is nothing wrong with their teeth. Most people also visit the Opticians at least once a year for an eye test - again just to ensure that things are going well. Unfortunately, the part of the body...
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Are your Legs always Dry?

Do they flake even when you take your trousers off and even get to the point of itchy sometimes?

You’re not alone as we see this a lot when treating our clients and so we through it was time to share our recommendations with you guys too as we know how frustrating this can be.

This has to be the Biggest Nail Myth ever

This has to be the Biggest Nail Myth ever- That your Nails need to Breathe after wearing Gel Nails.

In the beauty world we laugh at this because the FACT is nails don't have lungs so of course they don't need to breathe but why then is this terminology...

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10 Reason to Love our Spray Tan

Spray Tan has been around for about 20 years or their about and just like most things it has moved with the times. For some people they have has a "friends like experience" in the past and turned out a little orange or they found it impossible to scrub...

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