Skin Treatments


We offer two pathways to your skin care at Be Beautiful. You can discover which is right for you by looking below:

  1.     If you’re simply looking to relax, unwind and enjoy being carried away by the experience of a relaxing Facial then book our well-being facials below.
  1.     On the other hand if your skin feels either tight, out of balance, inflamed or simply looks like its ageing faster than you feel on the inside … then you’ll love the highly specialised, customised, corrective skincare treatments we offer on the 2nd Floor at “The Skin Health Clinic.” Using a unique innovative delivery system our amazing skin health treatments repair your skin’s structure and treats all skin conditions using natural skin identical ingredients-blended uniquely for you.

Wellbeing Facial 55 minutes – £45.00

An effective skin treatment with more of an emphasis on relaxation. An ideal treatment if you do not have any major skin concerns. This treatment will massage away tiredness to leave your skin softer, brighter and fresher. A popular choice in pregnancy. All Skin Types

Wellbeing Express Facial 25 minutes – £25.00

The perfect solution for when time is limited. All skin types